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We take pride in helping you repair not replace. This helps us all by keeping more electronics out of the landfills. Our goal is to protect Grandmother Earth while serving our community with their computer repair needs. All our repairs include a one year warranty on part and labor as we do not want our customers paying double for the same repair within a year. We are here to serve our community with integrity and exceptional customer service


We service both PC & Macs on all hardware and software repairs.


Maintenance, cleaning,
backups, change of components, etc.


System Reinstallation

If what you need is to eliminate all the garbage of programs that you have accumulated and leave it as factory default this service is the one you need

Remove Virus

You feel that your computer does not respond correctly, the programs are closed by themselves, or if you are sure that your computer is infected by a virus, this service is the one you need

General Maintenance

One of the most requested and complete service that we have for your equipment. We restore your system, information backup, general physical cleaning of the fans and thermal paste.

Increase Memory / Equipment Update

It is very common that over time your PC / Laptop slows down, it can be from a simple system reinstallation, or a memory update, or a solid state hard drive replacement. We help you find the right solution

Spare parts

Wide variety of spare parts for your computer and laptop. A diagnosis of the problem is made and a specific search is made for the part to be repaired

Physical Cleaning

Keep your equipment optimal and in good condition, it is important to give a physical maintenance. To eliminate the dust and lint that it acquires over time, this avoids overheating and possible future failures

These and more services we offer you at C.E. COMPUTER REPAIRS


The best way to experience our extensive services is by visiting the store. One of our experienced technicians will assist you and provide the service provided by  C.E. Computer Repairs

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